sea blue and tuscan sun Collector’s spinning top 37 cm height


Approximately 11 cm diameter x 37 cm height
and made of American Walnut, white Oak.

This is a playful look spinning top.
The handle (or the crown) & the half sphere body is made out of American walnut while the tip is made of beech wood. This is pretty much a heavy spinning top yet a great spinner.
spinning this giant spinning top is an absolute joy. the very long handles give it a special charm on the run.

We use acrylic paint and ink for colouring our spinning tops and and finally a layer of lacquer to protect the paint.
the item will be shipped in a solid wooden box to protect it all the way from our workshop to your hands.

To us, tops are more than just spinning little things, and entertain young and old souls alike.
Each spinning top is uniquely handcrafted, with notable attention to detail and it is individually packed accompanied by its base.
Our spinning tops can be set in motion by a simple twist of the fingers and twirl of the wrist without need for string or rope.
No matter of age, you can enjoy a few rounds of whirling in a day!

Take a few minutes to watch how we do it:

Happy whirling!


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      tuscan sun Collector’s spinning top tuscan sun Collector’s spinning top tuscan sun Collector’s spinning top