Display miniature house facade made for Limassol Duck Store. a collaboration with SIC

A Tutor bench
a bench for our music tutor, slightly different.

A Kitchen Upgrade

In 2015 we were commissioned to upgrade an open kitchen that was originally made using marble and wood.

Our redesign encompassed solid iroko wood that helped the bar keep its beauty without clashing with the interior of the room.

The pre-existing stools were also refurbished and redesigned to completely match the new kitchen counter.

The project was completed in collaboration with Giorgos Mara.

SWIMS Project 

In 2015 we were commisioned by SWIMS shop in Cyprus to create a display stand with hanging shelves and storage space.

After an initial consultation with the client, the pieces were completed using pine wood, leather handles and nautical rope.
Abozo Project

In 2015, we were commissioned to design and build 8 tables with matching chairs for the newly open Abozo cafe in Limassol.
Taking into consideration the target market of the client and the traditional/alternative design of the space we completed 8 unique table designs.
250 Cypress Wooden Boxes

In 2014 we were commissioned by a lovely couple to create 250 small wooden gift boxes for their wedding guests.

After completing three prototypes for our client, one design was chosen to go through production. For the final product we used local Cypress wood to create the box and Beech wood to create the knobs.

Although creating 250 unique wooden boxes was a large amount of work, we enjoyed the fresh cypress smell for a whole week in our workshop!
we created 3 defferent designs and finaly one was chosen to be done.