Lovenlight Chess set


We are delighted to present to you our unique and completely handcrafted chess set in solid walnut and ash. This signature design piece, fueled by our own passion for chess, has been carefully designed and developed with love, as always, to ensure a smooth playing experience of this beloved classic game.
The pieces are first turned on the lathe and then hand sculpted to achieve their final unique shape. They are then finished with our very own protective wax mixture.
The board is without a frame in order to maintain the beauty of the end grain of the solid squares. The size and form of the chess pieces make it suitable for all ages and levels of expertise. No matter how long you’ve been playing or how far you’ve come, this unique chess set is perfect for beginners, advanced players, children and adults alike. A truly thoughtful and original gift that will last you, or your loved one, a lifetime.

The box includes:
Handmade board in Walnut and Ash
Handmade chess pieces in Walnut and Ash
Handmade Canvas bag for the board and pieces
Certificate of authenticity, signed and numbered
3ml container of handcrafted beeswax

Suitable for outdoor and indoor matches but to ensure its longevity store away from dust and sunlight. Remember to apply wax every few months with a cotton cloth.


board: 380×380 mm

king: 77mm ht. & 36mm dia.
queen: 71mm ht. & 36mm dia.
rook: 54mm ht. & 34mm dia.
bishop: 65mm ht. & 33mm dia.
knight: 60mm ht. & 32mm dia.
pawn: 46mm ht. & 25mm dia.



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lovenlight original wooden chess set

unique chess set     

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